About Us

About Us

We are a family business who are dedicated to making sure your experience in our salon is one you will remember every time. You are our priority and whenever you are in the salon we want you to feel like you are number ONE because you are !! 

And if you ever wondered what the LQ stands for, here is a little background.

The “L” is for my first name Leeanne and the “Q” is for my Nana Queenie who was my saving grace growing up and gave me the strength to be the strong women that I am today.

LQ Hair and Beauty is managed by my beautiful daughter – Kirby.

We have 3 amazing staff members, Kirby, Dee and Maddy and I try to be there to say hi or make you a hot drink or a glass of water whenever I can.

All our staff pride themselves on producing quality work and will provide all information required for your appointment including recommendations for ‘after care’.
Our salon only uses top quality products as our priority is to keep the integrity of your hair and your lashes.

We look forward to seeing all your gorgeous faces soon 💕 Message our page or Call us on 039723 6622